The Fight for Pilot Safety

Ensuring Cardiac Fitness to Fly

In December of 2021, our team became aware of the fact that the FAA and commercial airline industry appeared to be acting in concert to ignore Federal Regulations (Title 14 CFR § 61.53) and its associated Guidance, which together prohibit medical doctors from medically clearing pilots to fly — if the pilots have taken products that have been on the market less than 12 months after initial FDA approval (and of course, now pilots are flying with wholly UNAPPROVED Covid-19 vaccines in their systems).  We thus wrote a letter, signed by attorneys Robert Kennedy, Jr., Mary Holland and Tom Renz — as well as renowned cardiac expert Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D., and two Lieutenant Colonel Flight Surgeons in the US Army among others — urging the FAA and carriers to immediately run all vaccinated pilots through EKG and cardiac MRIs to ensure cardiac fitness to fly, as well as D-Dimer tests to rule out any pilots who might have the beginning of clotting/stroke issues.

The link to the 10 page FAA/airline company letter can be found here:



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