Military Whistleblowers

Bombshell Evidence Exposed

Recently, we were approached by high-ranking United States military doctors — whistleblowers, all — who had stumbled onto bombshell evidence concerning the skyrocketing rates of disease in the wake of the introduction and mandating of the COVID-19 vaccination across our US servicemen and women. 

In the wake of this discovery, we reached out to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI).  Senator Johnson immediately recognized the importance of making a record of this data, and extended an invitation to us to speak, in person, at a five-hour hearing he was holding on Monday, January 24, 2022, in the Russell Senate Building in Washington DC.  

Encapsulated in the above video are my statements during this hearing, along with those of my colleague, attorney Tom Renz, in which we recapitulated certain key pieces of the whistleblowers’ data, along with our request that Congress:  

(1) open an official investigation into this matter, and 

(2) allow the whistleblowing military doctors to testify under oath, in the context of such a hearing, regarding the evidence they hold. 

We wish to thank Senator Johnson, and his staff, for understanding the importance of this data, and for acting immediately to preserve said data and call for an investigation into this grave issue.



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