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Freedom Fighter Nation was founded by world-renowned Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas.

A talkative and stubborn only child who was never afraid to go her own way — and who was renowned from an early age for telling off even adults when it came to matters of injustice — she came by these traits honestly: Leigh’s Hungarian-Romanian maternal ancestors escaped Communist Eastern Europe last century, making their way through Ellis Island to raise Leigh’s grandfather and his ten siblings in a country that was based on the notion of freedom, a concept that was much desired but largely unknown to them. And Leigh’s father and paternal grandfather were both U.S. Navymen, with the latter surviving not just the bombing of the USS West Virginia in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, but also the bombing of two subsequent ships to which he was assigned in the South Pacific Theater, so that he could come back from the war to his wife … a woman who traced her ancestry directly back to Founding Father Patrick Henry who famously uttered the words “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death.”

Steeped from both sides of her family in a culture predicated on a civic desire to make a difference in the world, and born with an innate impatience when it came to executing such goals, Leigh dropped out of high school at age 14 to attend college, followed by law school, and then spent the next 28 years by turns litigating for Fortune 500 companies in American courts, raising a daughter with her husband of 20+ years, and fighting child sex slavery in third-world countries.

Since 2013, Leigh has fought human trafficking abroad, focusing on southeast Asia — running undercover former Special Ops agents into child brothels to gather Intel, and liaising both domestically and with foreign governments to apprehend the criminal syndicates that traffic children, as well as the pedophiles who purchase such children for sex. Spending much time on the border of Thailand and Malaysia, in an area prone to near-daily bombings which is colloquially known as the “Red Light Jihadi District,” Leigh has worked to help the girls trapped in child brothels that are used as fodder for radicalized insurgent-bombings, while raising awareness of their plight. Leigh also helped spearhead an anti-money laundering initiative dedicated to freezing the assets of criminals who attempt to launder dirty money made from child sex slavery through the world’s financial institutions. In 2013, Leigh was recognized for her human rights work with an appointment by the then-head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Congressman Ed Royce, to the Congressional Advisory Committee that dealt with human slavery.

A consummate student of World War II history who also thoroughly studied group behavior and the psychology behind obedience while in school, and who more recently interviewed Cambodians whose families had survived a communist genocide in the late 1970’s, Leigh began sounding the alarm on the current situation in April of 2020, shortly after the COVID-driven lockdowns commenced. Standing on the west steps of the Sacramento Capitol in the spring, Leigh stated that she worried that the world was “on a bullet train to Auschwitz if we did not course correct.” Fearing that the pandemic was simply a false flag or pretext that would be used to usher in less-than-safe agendas by vested power interests, she used her non-profit (Advocates for Citizens’ Rights) to defeat the burgeoning encroachments into civil liberties: lobbying to open counties in defiance of state lockdowns, successfully stonewalling governors who attempted to keep said counties closed, organizing against — and causing terminations of — physicians appointed to local health officer and Department of Public Health positions, successfully defeating digital vaccine passport programs through televised ads on CNN, MSNBC and Fox, and more recently, helping blue-collar workers who had their jobs threatened by vaccine mandates to go on strike and file lawsuits which defeated said mandates … while also sounding the alarm on the FAA’s decision to violate its own federal rules and allow pilots to fly after having injected experimental COVID vaccines … which in turn caused much injury and death in pilot populations. Leigh is now also fighting back against hospitals and doctors engaged in the medical kidnapping and killing of COVID patients.

In early 2022, recognizing that no group of lawyers or doctors — no matter how smart or creative or committed they might be — was singlehandedly going to be able to defeat this planetary-wide threat to humanity, she decided to lock arms with the thousands of concerned citizens she had been privileged to meet worldwide through her rallies and speaking tours, and opened a new branch of her non-profit, aptly named “Freedom Fighter Nation.”

Leigh believes that – notwithstanding this second embryonic Holocaust that is designed to eradicate our very humanity and crush all who would speak against it – the good people of the world will yet succeed in rolling back this darkness to usher in a new age of enlightenment, equality, and love.

To her Freedom Fighter Friends, she bids all: Strength. Resoluteness. And the joy that is found in the hard work of fighting injustice in order to secure Freedom.

Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum ….

Let Justice Be Done, Even if the Heavens May Fall.



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