Special Olympics Vax Discrimination

Ensuring Cardiac Fitness to Fly

In December of 2021, our team became aware of the fact that the FAA and commercial airline industry appeared to be acting in concert to ignore Federal Regulations (Title 14 CFR § 61.53) and its associated Guidance, which together prohibit medical doctors from medically clearing pilots to fly — if the pilots have taken products that have been on the market less than 12 months after initial FDA approval (and of course, now pilots are flying with wholly UNAPPROVED Covid-19 vaccines in their systems).  We thus wrote a letter, signed by attorneys Robert Kennedy, Jr., Mary Holland and Tom Renz — as well as renowned cardiac expert Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D., and two Lieutenant Colonel Flight Surgeons in the US Army among others — urging the FAA and carriers to immediately run all vaccinated pilots through EKG and cardiac MRIs to ensure cardiac fitness to fly, as well as D-Dimer tests to rule out any pilots who might have the beginning of clotting/stroke issues.

The link to the 10 page FAA/airline company letter can be found here:

In late Spring of 2022, we received word that the US Special Olympics Committee had solicited participation this year by indicating – in writing in their contractual materials with parents of disabled youth – that COVID-19 vaccine status would not be used to determine eligibility or participation in the Olympics.  Unfortunately, on the eve of the Games, the Committee did an about-face:  telling families that their children would no longer be able to compete unless the parents agreed to force the experimental mRNA inoculation on their disabled children.  Parents and children alike were upset and heartbroken, as many of the competitors had been training for the Olympics for the better part of the year.   

Upon being alerted to this situation, we authored a stern letter to the General Counsel of the Special Olympics Committee, indicating the Olympics was not only in breach of contract with thousands of their participants but that it was also in violation of federal and state disability laws.  When the Olympics refused to course-correct, we referred the aggrieved families to media interviews in an attempt to get their issues heard in the “court of public opinion” and in the hopes that the negative press campaign would cause the Special Olympics to adhere to relevant law.  And further, and because the commencement of the Games was coming quickly, we then elected to seek assistance from the Surgeon General of Florida, Dr. Joe Ladapo, as well as Governor Ron DeSantis’ office.  (Quite unluckily for the Olympics this year – but very luckily for the families they serve – the Olympic Committee had chosen Florida as its host state).

During our first meeting, Dr. Ladapo and the Governor’s office were as horrified as our organization had been upon hearing that a non-profit that allegedly exists to elevate the rights of disabled youth was now unlawfully discriminating against them.  We were asked for our input on potential courses of action to cause a remediation of the scene.  Politely noting that we were not in such a decision-making capacity, we then concluded that if we were so endowed, we would simply inform the Games that if they refused to comport with relevant law and their own contracts … then they would not need to host their event in our state.  Upon hearing of this potential solution, Dr. Ladapo seemed similarly inclined, though he and DeSantis agreed to try and work “behind the scenes” to get the Special Olympics to do the right thing over a period of days.  Regrettably, to no avail:  the US Special Olympics Committee refused to budge.  Thus, with only one day left before the Games were set to start in Tampa in early June, DeSantis and Ladapo hit the Special Olympics Committee with a $27.5 million fine for their unlawful conduct in discriminating against the youth they serve.

And one hour later, the US Special Olympics Committee caved.

The Games backed off their unlawful path of discrimination by finally doing what was both morally required and legally-mandated in allowing the children to compete sans vaccine.  The next morning Florida – not content with the Special Olympics’ behavior notwithstanding the final result – held a press conference entitled “Let Them Play!” during which Governor DeSantis and Dr. Ladapo recounted how horribly the Special Olympics Committee had behaved, and describing as well the successful actions taken by the State of Florida to protect the disabled youth, after having been advised of the situation by Freedom Fighter Nation.



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