Hospitals- The New Danger Zones

Hospitals in the COVID era have been weaponized against the common man.

Hospitals in the COVID era have been weaponized against the common man. No longer are doctors following their oath to “first, do no harm.” Instead, federal legislation has essentially bribed hospitals to prescribe courses of treatment with a higher than 50% death rate: hospitals that prescribe Remdesivir get a bonus for prescribing, a bonus for COVID diagnoses, a bonus for placing patients on ventilators. Moreover, when the governmental protocol — risky and death-inducing though it may be to patients — is followed, the physician-turned-angels-of-death-and-injury are rewarded by being shielded from liability. While on the other side, should a healthcare entity stray from the protocol, they can be forced to disgorge the federal funding the institution has received through COVID legislation/loans.

In sum, hospitals are rapidly becoming the new ovens of Auschwitz: their overseers are shielded from liability from following death-inducing protocols and rewarded for their brownshirt “just following orders” Heil-Hitler-style obedience through obscene monetary payouts, while being simultaneously prevented from doing what is best for the patient via the always-lurking threat of punishment through disgorgement of all monies collected should the hospital not follow the death-inducing protocols.

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